What is FLPSDE?

FLPSDE is an adventure lifestyle brand with a flagship product; the patented FLPSDE Water Bottle with Snack Storage. In a nutshell, FLPSDE holds both your favorite drink and snack in one bottle. 

Why should I switch from my normal reusable Water Bottle to a FLPSDE Water Bottle with Snack Storage?

We live in a fast-paced world where convenience is key. Plus, with our environment more vulnerable than ever, efficiency is essential for reducing our carbon footprint. Lastly, any multitasker, adventurer, or athlete understands the value of reducing baggage (weight). These are three major problems solved by switching to a FLPSDE Water Bottle with Snack Storage. 

The unique (multi) purpose of our Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated, Reusable Water Bottle is to improve convenience and efficiency for users on-the-go. Not only will consolidating your stainless steel water bottle and snack container reduce the amount of baggage you have to carry, but a two-in-one reusable water bottle also reduces production waste, transportation emissions, and single-use waste. 

Here’s the point…

Other stainless steel water bottle makers may offer a great solution for your drink, but you have to spend more and carry more to have your snacks handy. This is inconvenient and inefficient and creates more waste. FLPSDE Water Bottles with Snack Storage prioritize customer convenience and reduce environmental waste. 

Will FLPSDE keep water cold like a Hydroflask or Yeti?

Absolutely. Like Yeti, S’well or Hydroflask, FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles are engineered with double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel with insulated BPA-free caps so you can stay chillin’ for hours. 

Do FLPSDE reusable water bottles have a warranty? 

FLPSDE has a friendly lifetime warranty. Visit our warranty information page to learn more.  

Are FLPSDE stainless steel water bottles BPA Free? 

Yes, our Water Bottles with Snack Storage are made using kitchen-grade stainless steel and BPA Free plastics. 

Is the FLPSDE reusable water bottle dishwasher safe? 

Yes, FLPSDE is a dishwasher safe water bottle, but you should know that a hand-clean is likely to be more efficient. Thankfully, FLPSDE’s patented design makes it ideal for easy drinking, snacking AND cleaning! You don’t need a special brush or cleaning tool to get into the nooks and crannies; Just hot water, soap and a sponge or cloth. Watch this video to see how we hand-clean our de-constructible Water Bottle with Snack Storage. 

If you choose to use the dishwasher, we recommend disassembling this way:

Stainless Steel Outer Chamber: Top or bottom rack.

Caps: Top rack.

Gaskets: Silverware tray.

How long does FLPSDE hold ice?

There is no exact amount of time your FLPSDE will hold ice, because it depends on many things including: how much ice you use, how often you open your bottle, if you leave the lid off, or if your FLPSDE is in a hot or cold environment. Plus, we hope you’re staying hydrated so well the ice doesn’t get a chance to melt. If you feel your FLPSDE isn’t properly insulated, let us know; FLPSDE has a friendly lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

Can I customize my FLPSDE?

Yes, if you’re interested in placing a custom order for corporate gifting, schools, teams or branding, FLPSDE can offer custom solutions including unique colors, printing and engraving.  Please contact FLPSDE by email at holla@FLPSDE.com.

Are there any drinks I shouldn’t put in my FLPSDE?

FLPSDE is not intended for use with carbonated beverages. You can absolutely use your FLPSDE for hot tea or coffee. However, you need to release the pressure that builds from hot drinks by taking the cap off. If you pour hot drinks into your FLPSDE and leave the cap on, the steam can build pressure making it difficult to take the cap off, or causing it to pop off without warning. Let the steam out at the beginning for a few minutes and you’re good-to-go.