FLPSDE Water Bottles with Snack Storage can be customized for your brand, business, team or event. Screen-printing and engraving are popular options for our vacuum insulated, stainless steel water bottles, however, if you’re interested in an entirely custom design - including colorway - we can make this happen too! 

*Some limitations apply based on the area of the bottle, logo size and quantity ordered. Simply contact us to begin your custom reusable water bottle order.

How Does FLPSDE Design Custom Water Bottles?

Depending on the request, FLPSDE uses laser-etching or UV Printing to achieve a truly epic-looking custom water bottle. If stickers and wraps are more your style, FLPSDE also has an exclusive relationship with a partner who creates custom graphics to fit your FLPSDE water bottle. For large, custom wholesale orders, the options are endless whether it’s the color, texture, engraving or printing, simply tell us what your company’s dream FLPSDE would look like, and we’ll do our best to make it happen! 

How long does customization take?

Production depends on the size and complexity of the custom water bottle order. All orders begin processing after the artwork is received, and a mockup is approved. FLPSDE’s turnaround time is always as fast as possible; this could be as little as a few days for a small engraving order, or as long as a few months for a fully custom wholesale order. An estimated timeframe will be outlined during your customization process.

What if I want to change my FLPSDE custom water bottle order?

Once the mockup is approved, the order can not be changed. 

Can I return my FLPSDE custom stainless steel water bottle?

FLPSDE does not accept returns or exchanges of customized products. If your aren’t pleased with the quality of your FLPSDE custom reusable water bottle, please contact us directly.

Is there anything I can't print or engrave on my custom water bottle order?

FLPSDE reserves the right to refuse or cancel any custom orders for any reason including offensive or copyright-protected content. 

How do I order my FLPSDE Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

To begin your FPLSDE custom reusable water bottle order, visit our contact page and complete the form including information about the color(s), quantity and design request, and a FLPSDE team member will reply asap to begin your custom order process.