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FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles are vacuum insulated, stainless steel, reusable water bottles with built-in storage for snacks. We pioneered our patented, multi-functional design to uniquely serve humanity’s most basic needs: Water and Food. FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles keep your drinks ice cold or hot for hours while also securing your favorite treats so you're never hangry. Whether you are on the top of a mountain or just walking the dog, FLPSDE's reusable, stainless steel water bottles with snack storage do more so you can do more!


FLPSDE is a company rooted in passion. Passion for adventure, innovation, community, and Planet Earth. These passions inspired the creation of the patented Dual Chamber Water Bottle - A reusable, stainless steel water bottle with built-in snack storage.

In the beginning, we set out to bring something fresh to the water bottle market, but we've evolved to represent so much more. Our multi-function water bottle has tapped into a whole new realm of creativity and potential. Cheers to the future...Sip, Snack, Smile!

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Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, there are countless ways to use FLPSDE's unique stainless steel water bottle with snack storage. Not only is our 2-in-1 water bottle perfect for foodies, it's also a lifesaver for pet owners, parents, students, and athletes. Use your FLPSDE as a dog water bottle with treats, or a healthy snack water bottle for kids. FLPSDE is the perfect water bottle for travelers because it minimizes baggage and plastic, and keeps you moving.


FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles with snack storage provide several solutions to the single-use waste crisis. By switching to a reusable stainless-steel water bottle, you're helping to keep millions of plastic water bottles out of landfills and the ocean each year. But, FLPSDE takes things a step further...by using our vacuum insulated, stainless steel water bottle with built-in snack storage, our Dual Chamber Water Bottle effectively assists in eliminating single-use waste from food packaging too. Instead of buying individually wrapped treats, FLPSDE influences users to buy snacks in bulk. When you use our 2-in-1 water bottle and buy your snacks, like granola or trail mix, in bulk, you’re helping reduce carbon emissions from transportation too.

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