Traditional water bottles are single-function; they keep your drink hot/cold. FLPSDE water bottles with a snack compartment also keep your favorite snack fresh and accessible. FLPSDE's patented Water Bottles with Snack Compartment do more so you can #DoMore.


Every day, we're tasked with a handful of responsibilities and chores, errands and events. It makes sense to have a reusable, stainless steel water bottle on hand to stay hydrated and reduce waste, but we need food throughout the day too. FLSDE is a reusable water bottle with snack compartment because it makes sense! Your FLPSDE water bottle with snack storage does more for you so you can do more!

How often do you make a fast food stop or grab some kind of  junk food from a gas station because you're hungry but don't have time or access to healthier options? Having a healthy and convenient snack paired with you water bottle helps to eliminate impulsive and unhealthy food choices. Even better, you're not creating unnecessary plastic waste from food wrappers or containers.

The concept for a water bottle with snack compartment is new for many. Most of us have always thought of our water and snacks as two separate items. Once you've incorporated FLPSDE into your routine, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Long meetings at the office, morning hikes, late nite projects, road trips in the camper van, afternoons at the motocross track...there are countless instances when having a water bottle with snack compartment is a game changer!

Our favorite snacks to keep in our FLSPDE Water Bottle are trail mix, granola, mixed nuts, and berries or dried fruit. These bulk snack options easily pour out of your FLPSDE into you hand or mouth [the same way you'd drink from the water side]. Buying snacks in bulk is also a great way to reduce waste. Other awesome snack options to stash in your FLPSDE water bottle are granola bars, protein bites, dry cereal, or goldfish (a kid-approved favorite).