When snacking on your favorite treat, what do you wash it down with? When packing for a workout or a day hike, do only bring water, or do you also pack a protein bar? These are the questions that inspired FLPSDE's two-in-one water bottle. 


We're all looking for the latest hack to make our daily routines more interesting or simplified. A two-in-one water bottle is the lifestyle hack you didn't know you needed. FLPSDE has created the patented Water Bottle with Snack Storage to simplify your daily prep and make your favorite activities more interesting. 

We love it when two of our favorite things come together. Milk and cookies, ketchup and fries, macaroni and cheese...FLPSDE Water Bottles with Snack Storage consolidate your favorite drink and snack, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. Our two-in-one water bottle does more for you so you can do more. Sip, Snack, Smile!

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