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On The FLPSDE is an open invitation to look at life differently. Not necessarily because you need to, but because it's interesting. When we look at things On The FLPSDE, we identify opportunities, challenge our understanding, and foster inspiration.

The past few years have provided several opportunities to look at life On The FLPSDE. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, social, political and economic environments have been poked, prodded, stretched and squeezed. Many of us experienced intense loss, uncomfortable change, and heartbreaking restrictions, all while exploring the deepest parts of our mental and physical health.

All of these things we already know, and, in one way or another, we're all ready to move forward. So how can we look at the pandemic differently so we can move into the next season with more than challenging memories and battle scars? What can we take away from the years of masks, mandates, restrictions, and losses?

On The FLPSDE of The Pandemic

Prioritizing Wellness

One of the greatest takeaways we can glean from an otherwise sad year in global health is our renewed view on wellness. Billions of people around the world collectively analyzed how they were treating their bodies and started making choices and changes to set themselves up to win the fight. A mutual tone of gratitude swept over us all; we decided to stop taking tomorrow for granted and start living with vitality mind. Chances are, you or someone you know, has started taking vitamins and ditching bad habits, incorporating fitness routines and experimenting with healthy recipes.

The Happiness Commodity

When the future becomes increasingly unpredictable, we start living more for today. And when the joys we work so hard for aren't available, we start thinking about what we're really working for. Happiness has become the commodity of trade for pandemic survivors. More of us have left jobs or careers we chose for security, and instead, have started choosing alternatives for happiness. The same principal applied to our relationships, where we live, and plans we've been putting off. Did you decide to live closer to family or switch to remote work permanently? Did you turn your side-project into your new gig or reconnect with a skill you've put on the shelf?

Reconnected With Nature

Hands-down, one of the greatest benefits of the last few years has been the great migration from the couch to the outdoors. While some businesses were unfortunately closing, those who focused on the outdoors were thriving. Bike and boat sales exploded, as did cars and campers. Since road trips were the only way to vacay, more and more people started visiting the country side and national parks to go hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking and more.

New Hobbies

Thanks to this great move to reconnect with nature, so many of us have discovered new hobbies like hiking, climbing and kayaking. But since we don't spend all of our time outside, we also started trying new things at home like cooking, gardening, painting, or playing an instrument. These new hobbies turned into passions for some - A manifestation of the Happiness Commodity mentioned earlier. Makes you wonder, "What else can I do?"

Rediscovered Relationships

The last look On The FLPSDE of the pandemic is about relationships. Since most of us were working or studying from home, we have spent a lot of uninterrupted time with our partners, parents, kids, and ourselves. Chances are you might have moved home to be closer to your loved ones, or you've discovered some things about yourself that have been neglected. Working parents learned just how significant a role teachers play in the operations of family life, while some discovered that homeschooling just might be their thing. Couples learned more about their other half and likely redefined some boundaries. Meanwhile, the Single Pringles of the world did more self-discovery. In the end, each of us has drawn closer to someone, which is something to be thankful for.


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