Back To School Essentials

The school season is here and, while some love the look and feel of a blank notebook, we appreciate any occasion to snag one of these unique back-to-school essentials.

Unique Back To School Essentials

  1. Headphones

  2. Laptop

  3. E-Reader

  4. All-In-One Charging Dock

  5. External Hard Drive

  6. Bike

  7. Tennis Shoes


  9. Backpack

  10. Study Chair


A great pair of headphones will serve you well in several areas at school. You could be taking an online class, re-listening to a lecture, studying or training for athletics; whatever your focus, noise canceling headphones will help you stay on track. Depending on your style, these bluetooth earbuds are easy to stash in your backpack, while these over the ear options are less easy to lose.


If you don't already have one, or if you're in need of an upgrade, back-to-school season is the perfect time to purchase a new laptop. The best option for school will most definitely be something fast, with plenty of storage and reliable battery life. Graphic designers and other creatives will likely prefer a MacBook, while digital programmers may prefer a custom PC.


Downloading you books is one way to exercise your green thumb. Not to mention, E-readers like a kindle with paper-white display will give your eyes a nice break from the bright lights of your computer or cell phone. A great tool for getting some reading done on the road, an E-reader will give your back a break from lugging around heavy schoolbooks.

Charging Dock

A charging dock is great for anyone who loves apple products. Minimalists appreciate how this unique back-to-school essential cleans up the nightstand. Charge your phone, watch, earbuds and pen with one simple space-saving charging dock; you can even find some designed to look more like home-decor than a tech tool. You know us...we love consolidating to make life more efficient.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a necessary back-to-school item for all students, and a good practice to have as you enter into your professional career. Having a backup for your backup is peace of mind. Using a cloud-based backup as well as a physical backup for your big projects and homework could save you from losing your hard work if your computer is lost or glitches.

Electric Bike

You'll love having a great bike for commuting to and from school, and across campus. A bike not only keeps you fit, but it eliminates emissions and guarantees a front-row parking spot. Take it from us, too much time is wasted waiting for parking spots to open up, and tickets can pile up! Save yourself the trouble and snag an electric bike, which can go as fast as 25mph when you just don't have the energy to peddle to your 7am class. Just don't forget a quality lock.

Tennis Shoes

Nothing gets you ready for back-to-school season quite like a fresh pair of kicks! Having great tennis shoes will come in handy when you have to sprint to your next class. You'll thank yourself at the end of a long day of walking back and forth across campus. Our favorites are lightweight and have a memory foam insert.


When you're spending hours in class and can't find a break to grab some grub to keep your brain fueled, you'll be thankful for your FLPSDE. Stash a few granola bars or a heaping portion of trail mix along with your iced coffee to prevent mid-afternoon slump. Our reusable water bottle with storage for snacks is exactly what you need to stay on your study game while reducing waste.


The right backpack will serve you in and out of school. Maybe you'll want to go backpacking for spring break or study abroad during the summer; either way, a quality backpack should be lightweight, comfortable and durable. We love bags made from recycled water bottles, and our go-to must be able to safely carry a laptop.

Study Chair

Having a designated study station is a great trick for programming your mind to focus. This pod hangs from the ceiling but feels like a hideaway nook made for long hours of reading. We're also down with this cozy lounge chair that looks like it's meant for studying in sweats with an extra large coffee.