Sunday Funday

Well, we finally got a really good snow here at FLPSDE HQ in Omaha, Nebraska! You know what that means...time to hit the streets. We gathered a small crew and set out to find some new spots and hit some old ones. [Video Below]

The first ledge turned out to be a board destroyer...I think we need to bring wax next time. Cement+Snowboards=ruined base. We had fun though! Spot two was an old standard. It's a perfect square down rail with a nice run in. We got some tricks there and had some good laughs. These days, we keep the snow on the stairs...why? Cuz fun and less death...that's why.

As we drove around to find something else new, we came across a little park hidden in a part of town we've never been to. There was this interesting overlook with a rail that went almost all the way around it. What a gem! You never know...if you step out of your comfort zone and go where you never have before, you just might find something awesome. #MadeForAdventure.

In other news, a local shop called "Neighborhood Offshore" now has FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles in stock. Stop in and check them out! They have sweet yoga classes on surf boards. Ya...that's right. They also play surf videos on a huge screen while you are doing your stuff. Super rad, huh?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to subscribe for more Adventures! Check the video below: