Snowboarding in South Dakota!

Since we haven't received much snow in Nebraska this year and we don't have a local "resort" type situation, we took the 2-and-some-change-hour drive north to Great Bear Ski Valley. We were pleasantly surprised!

They have plenty of cool trails to explore and you can even go into the trees if you are feeling really adventurous. This is abnormal in our experience with other Midwest ski areas, so we were stoked to get up in there!

They also have a super fun terrain park complete with a dedicated rope tow. This was huge as they only one lift that serves the whole place and by midday, the line was huge. No line on the rope tow though! Some super fun features were set up the day we were there with plenty more options waiting to be set. It seems they change it up quite a bit to keep everybody on their toes.

The locals were cool too! We hopped in on a session with them and learned the ways of the rope tow. These dudes have laps dialed! Note to self: Get in better shape cuz mannnnnn...rope tow means lots of laps!! Not complaining at all though. Soooo much fun!

Check the vid:

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