These Progressive Brands Are Pushing The Sport Of Motocross Forward

Who: Thrill Seekers

What are they doing? Practical MX Accessories

Motocross isn't a convenient sport by any means. Not only does a dirt bike require maintenance and special fuel, but riders have to have means of hauling their bike (ie. trailer, truck, van or very nice friends), protective gear, boots, jersey...the list goes on. Naturally, the FLPSDE crew is a fan of anything that makes enjoying our favorite activities more convenient. Trill Seekers has stepped up in this department by providing practical solutions to our many moto necessities. For example, their moto leggings consolidate underwear, compression pants and socks into one simple layer. We're also big fans of the bar bag, which is handy for trail riding.

Twitch putting on Thrill Seekers Moto Leggings
Photo (c) Thrill Seekers

Who: Canvas MX

What are they doing? Customization

Instead of riding with everyone else's business on your back, why not promote what you care about? Canvas MX takes the commercialization of motocross gear and allows the rider to choose who and what they want to wear. Just like riders might order custom graphics for their bike, Canva offers a blank canvas for customizing jerseys, which is a great opportunity for small business owners or creative riders who want to wear something of their own creation.

Who: Stark Future

What are they doing? Electric + Chain Adjuster

Stark Future is offering countless solutions for the motocross industry through their flagship VARG electric dirt bike. After ten years, the former Alta Motors suspended production on their electric bike citing financial difficulties. Perhaps Alta was too early for the market, but the need for an electric bike has become increasingly evident since the option was eliminated. As Stark so tactfully outlines, the VARG resolves the issues of sustainability, maintenance, increasing gas prices, and public track closings due to noise (to name a few). Furthermore, Stark Future is introducing new advancements in bike build, which are currently patent pending.

According to their site, the Stark VARG has the world's lightest motocross frame and the innovative chain adjuster is another mentionable feature. "The swingarm has an integrated system which incorporates a spring and shaft, every 90 degrees rotation you will hear a click and from the rear of the bike, using a screwdriver with a hex you can instantly and easily turn the same number of clicks on each side and perfectly align your wheel with optimal chain tension."


What are they doing? Fostering future riders.

For anyone who loves motocross, the ability to share the sport with your family is life-changing. But, the sport is undeniably dangerous, which keeps a lot of wary parents and kids from dipping their toes in the dirt. STACYC was designed to be a non-intimidating introduction to fun on two wheels. The electric powered Stability Cycle, "bridges the gap between push bikes and motorcycles." We all know what can happen when a rider isn't confident, or how quickly a kid can give up on a sport after a scary spill; this is why we love STACYC. The bike's three power modes help youngsters grow in their skills and confidence, which helps them perform better and more safely when they switch to a more powerful dirt bike.

Who: SX Global

What are they doing? FIM Supercross World Championship

The pilot season for FIM World Supercross begins this fall with five events between September and November. Riders will compete for a purse of $250,000 for each event, which will mimic the two-class system of AMA Supercross with 450 and 250 divisions. NBC Sports reports a focus on independent team-ownership as a key difference between the two series, "...rather than the largely factory-based system currently in place in the United States."

According to Tony Cochrane, president of SX Global, "Fans have been demanding world class Supercross in so many countries." This venture is in partnership with investment company Mubadala Capital whose affiliation with Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix Races, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Yankees Entertainment cement its clout amongst world class sports entertainment. Adib Martin Mattar, Head of Private Equity at Mubadala Capital says, “We expect that our investment in the SX Global team and business will introduce the exciting sport of professional supercross to a global audience and build lasting value by delivering an authentic, exciting, and fan-centric experience.”


What are they doing? Helmet Technology

Any advancement in motocross safety is one step in the right direction, and Mips is making its cheddar on the heads of champs. Bell, Thor, Fox, and Troy Lee Designs utilize Mips patented technology because it is the gold standard for helmet safety. "Our founders have spent decades studying the relationship between brain injuries and helmet construction," their site reads. "Our low-friction layer inside the helmet allows multi-directional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head." During the 2021 AMA Pro Racing season, 32 riders were utilizing helmets with Mips technology including Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson, and Supercross champ, Cooper Webb.

Who: Seven MX

What are they doing? Gear Tech

James Stewart's company Seven MX has pioneered a new style of motocross gear. The brand everyone now respects as the pinnacle of tactical mx design has a meticulous approach to apparel that considers style as much as functionality. Seven's first-of-its-kind Zero Compression Laser Cut Jersey with companion OverJersey has since been imitated by other brands, and for good reason. Not only does this mix-and-match offer more style variations, but according to their site, the compression is intentional for promoting blood and oxygen flow, muscle control and recovery. Furthermore, Seven fashions gear with premium performance materials that factor everything from sweat and stretch to fade and fit. Simply put, the bar for which dirt bike riders choose gear is much higher because of Seven.