On The FLPSDE of Rising Gas Prices

Every time you turn the television on, these days, you're hearing about rising gas prices. "Breaking News: Highest gas prices in history!" As a result, we're seeing inflated pricing on everything from wood to coffee creamer. Keep in mind, some of the most amazing things come out of pressure, pain, and problem. So, how can we look at pricey petrol On The FLPSDE while we wait for the day gas prices start to drop?

Test Your Financial Strategy

Today's rising gas prices can inspire us revisit our financial strategy. When things are going well, it's easy to get comfortable or lazy. When we take a closer look at what where we're spending, we can discover where we're going to far and what can can be eliminated all together. Take this opportunity to revisit your budget and trim the fat. Are there streaming plans you pay for but hardly use? Is there a gym membership that you've been underusing? Have you gone overboard with going out to eat? Look at rising gas prices On The FLPSDE to learn where you've been getting lazy with your hard earned cash.

Economical Entertainment

When we look at things differently, we can discover something new! If it's necessary to spend more money on gas, let's look at this On The FLPSDE and see where we can spend less. For example, if we're going to trim our entertainment budget to make room for fuel, what are some more cost-effective ways to have fun? Going outside is a great place to start and you may discover something you didn't know you'd love in the process, like hiking, mountain biking, pickleball or fishing. Of course, the outdoors are always friendly. On the days when it's not-so-nice outside, try some creative indoor entertainment like learning a new language, yoga, joining a book club, or sketching. You never know...rising gas prices could be the segue to your new talent.

Alternative Transportation

If expensive gas has really got your goat, perhaps this is your opportunity to jump on alternative transportation. 2022 wouldn't be the first year biking to work became trendy. Get in shape while saving on gas by biking to work on nice days. Carpooling is another option and it can be a lot of fun. When you're going out with family or friends, plan ahead and carpool; this will give you more time together to chat and laugh while also saving money on gas and parking. Even if you're planning to meet friends at an MTB trail or motocross track, it's easy enough to fit a couple bikes in one truck or van.

Electric Interests

The electric vehicle game has grown exponentially in recent years and manufacturers are already committing to fully-electric fleets within a few short years. Rising gas prices is a great excuse to look into getting a new, electric, car. Plus, used cars are currently in high demand, which means your 2017 Toyota could be worth more than you think. Take things a step further and electrify your entire garage! Stark Future is taking orders for their electric VARG dirt bike, and depending on your biking style, your local shop should have a few options for an electric beach cruiser or MTB.


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