Lots of Wind and Good Times

Wind. Who can say where it comes from or where it's going? Quite an interesting thing. We can't see it, but we can feel it. It can be catastrophically destructive and it can create some of the most beautiful things on earth. Like snow drifts, sand dunes, and even the effect it creates when winding its way through a field of tall grass on a Summer's day. People have discovered all kinds of ways to use the wind for great things like electricity or locomotion, yet it still seems so mysterious. Why all the wind talk? Well, it was super windy here in the Midwest all weekend. You know what wind is not good for? Motocross.

Motocross riders fly through the air at varying lengths and heights throughout each lap. Depending on the obstacles present on the particular track, the time spent in the air could be due a hefty amount of frequent flyer miles. What happens when you throw, say a football a long distance when its windy? Ya gotta play the wind, right? Same thing happens on a motocross track only its the rider and the 200lb motorcycle that have to "play the wind". Sound sketchy? It is. Especially when the wind is gusting instead holding a constant speed. Hey, this all adds to the adventure. No one day or even one lap is the same. Gusty wind makes this blatantly obvious.

All of this to say; we got the invite to ride in the wind at an awesome private track near Omaha this weekend. We met some new people and got to catch up with others. It was good times. Another interesting note is that of the eight bikes that were there, only two were four strokes. All of the rest were Yamaha Yz250 or 125 two strokes. Oh! Also one all electric Alta MXR. Kind of an interesting walk through the history of motorcycles, eh? Old, new, future. The future is bright by the way. Take a watch below:

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