Kids Love This Snack Water Bottle

Snack Water Bottle For Kids

Parents all agree, any tip or tool that can make life easier or more efficient is a major win! As long as they're living in your house, kids do five primary things: Eat, Drink, Sleep, Play, Rest. The best kids water bottle should make coordinating at least two of these things less complicated. This is where the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle comes in. FLPSDE snack water bottles consolidate your kids' favorite drink and snack into one convenient container.

"The gift of sanity! For the days we pack the kids to head out for an adventure. But wait, we forgot the water bottle, or wait, we forgot the snack. One container for both water and snacks? Sold!" - Mom of 3, Age 32

From home to school, to practice and play dates, FLPSDE is hands-down the best kids water bottle because of its versatility. This water bottle with snack compartment is easy to use and totally leak proof. Your kids can easily toss their FLPSDE water bottle into their backpack or loop onto their gym bag knowing ice cold water and snacks will be fresh and ready when they're thirsty or hungry.

Parents love how the FLPSDE snack water bottle means one less thing to pack (remember), and easy access to snacks when the hangry tears are flowing. Goldfish, animal crackers, trail mix, blueberries, veggie straws, cheerios...these classic kids snacks all fit perfectly in FLPSDE's snack compartment. Plus, kids like to think of their snack water bottle like a secret they can't wait to tell their friends. "Check this out! I have gummy worms if you want one."

"My kid is obsessed! She calls it her 'snack bottle,' and takes it with her everywhere!" - Single Mom of 1, Age 36

Germ Free Sipping & Snacking

The best kids water bottle should be sanitary and easy to clean too. Every germaphobe parent will rejoice when they learn that FLPSDE stainless steel water bottles can be taken apart and tossed into the dishwasher or cleaned by hand without bacteria-spreading sponges or bushes. Also, since everyone needs their own water bottle nowadays, the best kids water bottle should make sipping and snacking a sanitary event. Having their own water bottle that holds snacks helps kids keep their cooties to themselves.

Kids With Diabetes

On a more serious note, some kids struggle with more than hangry tears when they're in need of a snack. According to the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report, around 210,000 children and teenagers under the age of 20 years in the United States have diagnosed diabetes. says that kids with type 1 diabetes need to take insulin as prescribed, and eat a healthy, balanced diet with accurate carbohydrate counts. Active kids with diabetes are recommended to have an extra snack before play, and extra snacks and water handy. In other words, a FLPSDE water bottle with snack compartment helps your diabetic babies live and play as normal as possible.

"I purchased this for my college-student, diabetic grandson. Great item for him carrying a drink and a snack in this backpack." - Cool Grandma, Age NA

FLPSDE is here for the kids and their parents! While our kids are learning from us, they remind us how uncomplicated and joyful life can be. In creating our snack water bottle, the goal was to do more for you and your children so you can do more...together. Have fun with FLPSDE & share your adventures with us on Instagram!