Its Spring! First Motos and Spring Sale at The Neighborhood Offshore.

This weekend was the first time this year that a public motocross track in our area opened for practice. Lots of riders came out and it was great time! Shout out to the crew at Westfair MX for the prep, flaggers, and all the work they do to provide us a place to ride. Thank you!

We also stopped by a really cool shop in Omaha called The Neighborhood Offshore. They were having a Spring Sale and turned it into a fun party complete with S'mores. If you are in the area and haven't checked them out, you must! They offer Paddle Boarding lessons and expeditions as well as surf style yoga classes and long boarding adventures. Oh, they also carry FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles! Stop in, sign up for something cool, and get a sweet FLPSDE bottle!

Check the vid below and come and find us out in the world next weekend!

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