Innovative Brands You Should Have On Your Radar

Stark Future

After the unfortunate departure of Alta Motors, motocross fans have been waiting for the next electric dirt bike manufacturer to step up. Stark Future announced its flagship VARG electric dirt bike in Q4 of 2021. The Barcelona-based company now has warehouses in the Spain, the US and Australia to accommodate worldwide shipments. "It's more powerful, it's lightweight and has significantly less motor-inertia than any of the gas bikes, providing you with better handling and an enhanced riding sensation...And there's no noise, meaning you can ride almost anywhere, at any time."

Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow is a home greens growing tower that is both sustainable and sleek. This innovative farmstand can be managed indoors or outdoors for a holistic solution to getting your favorite veggies, fruits, edible flowers, and herbs. With control over your own supply, Lettuce Grow users can effectively eliminate GMOs, pesticides, critters, transportation waste and more. Home gardens are a great way to live a little healthier and greener, but gardening isn't exactly easy; this is where Lettuce Grow comes in.


Welcome to the show! We're FLPSDE and innovation is at the root of everything we create. Our patented Water Bottle with Snack Storage keeps your favorite drink hot or cold for hours while also holding onto snacks like trail mix with its built-in storage compartment. FLPSDE currently comes in seven, adventure-inspired colors, each featuring a snap-flat carry cap and stabilizing silicone grip. You'll find the FLPSDE Family using their Water Bottle with Snack Storage while traveling, working, snowboarding, hiking, biking and more.


This elevated streetwear company launched in 2017 with a mission to inspire more conversations about mental health. Madhappy isn't the first high-end streetwear brand or the first brand inspired by mental health awareness, but the way they have seamlessly merged the two spaces is truly innovative; Madhappy even features professional athletes like Lindsey Vonn and entrepreneurs like Gary Vee on their podcast The Local Optimist. We dig the styles and respect the mission.

Beekeeper's Naturals

Medicine made natural. Now that's innovative! Beekeeper's Naturals is creating cleaner alternatives for common, home health supplements. The brand's hero products use the powerful and robust healing ingredients found in raw bee products like royal jelly, propolis, pollen and honey. The results are clean and natural wellness products for immunity, diet and overall wellness.

Solo Stove

There's nothing more chill than a bonfire, but fire pits can be dangerous and some portable bonfire options can be messy and complicated. We've been fans of Solo Stove for some time with their simplified, portable and ultra-efficient wood burning fire pit solutions. Easily pack your Solo Stove for beach parties, race days, camping and road trips.


This Southern California brand has been making a name for itself as an elevated hat maker. Think your everyday cap but crafted for quality and longevity like the bespoke hat makers of historic Milan, Italy. Even F1 McLaren driver, Daniel Ricciardo, is down with Melin saying, "I had been a fan of Melin caps since I tried my first one on...the quality is on another level." What's so special? Aside from making the classic cap we typically beat up a long-living luxury item, the brand says everything from the structure and trim to the materials and lining go through an 88-point inspection.