The Ultimate Guide to Omaha Mountain Bike Trails

Looking for single track mountain bike trails near Omaha, Nebraska? This guide has got you covered! FLPSDE is based in Omaha and we love to frequent our local trails. You might think, "Isn't Nebraska flat? Don't they just have lots of corn fields?" While, yes, much of our state is flat and covered in corn, there are some amazing and unexpected landscapes here too. Sandwiched between the the Missouri and Platte Rivers, Omaha has a solid collection of diverse single-track trails that can accommodate any skill level...even California and Colorado transplants are pleasantly surprised by Omaha mountain bike trails.


Calvin Crest

A beautiful riverfront trail located just west of Omaha, Calvin Crest is a nice balance of challenging and beginner-friendly. With complex switchbacks and rugged runs, this Fremont-area trail system has options for everyone. Since Calvin Crest is far enough away from the city and suburbs, wildlife is always on point.

Oxbow Trail

Located in the tiny town of Ashland, Nebraska, Oxbow runs along Salt Creek and features a variety of obstacles and drops fit for intermediate to advanced skill levels. The trail itself is a mellow one, so when combined with the built-in technical features, Oxbow is great for combo groups like families, couples or training.

Platte River State Park

The mountain bike trails at Platte River State Park are one of a kind. This place has a mix of everything you'd want from a single-track experience. Complex climbs, tactical terrain, and beautiful destinations to take a break and refuel. We love Platte River for its wildlife, waterfalls and endless trail options.

Swanson Park Bike Trail

Swanson is a moderately challenging trail located in the heart of suburban Bellevue, Nebraska. Swanson's 4-ish miles of single-track offer a strong mix of switchbacks and climbs with some built-in features for more experienced riders.

Walnut Creek

One of the more mellow trails, but nonetheless enjoyable, Walnut Creek trail winds along a shallow hill overlooking a small lake near suburban Papillion, Nebraska. Surrounded by tall grass and ancient trees, this is a perfect trail for families or beginners, though an experienced MTBer will get some great training here. Check out this video from THOR.


Tranquility has a perfectly central location. Located west of 120th Street between Maple and Fort Streets, Tranquility is a multi-sport destination. Surrounding the nine miles of single track, Tranquility also has soccer and softball fields, a tennis court and indoor hockey and ice skating rinks. Tranquility has fewer drops but, with great climbs, switchbacks and tactical stretches through the trees, this is a killer track for building endurance and strength.

Honorable Mention: Lewis & Clark, Iowa

Arguably the most impressive MTB trail around, Lewis & Clark isn't technically in Nebraska, but is as close as you can get. Located in Council Bluffs overlooking downtown Omaha, this track is nothing short of pro-status. If you're a seasoned rider with experience in more challenging terrain like the Rocky Mountains, you won't be disappointed by Lewis & Clark. This single track will challenge your endurance, cardio and strength with steep inclines, sudden drops, sharp switchbacks and exciting features. Stop for a sip and snack break at Lewis & Clark Landing where you can watch the planes fly in and out of Eppley Airport.