Get Risky

Why not take the risk? What's the worst that could happen? It seems that when we think about risk, we generally spend more time dwelling on the potential negative than we do on the positive outcome of whatever the risk may be. Think about it. Do you do this? While sometimes the negative is just plain too probable and demands attention, it could be that most of the time something wonderful may be in store. What if we gave the potential for good a little more time in our thoughts?

The weather did not look ideal for outdoor activities in the Nebraska/Iowa area this weekend. It was cloudy, cold, and windy. Plus, it had rained the night before. This meant a potential for lots of mud. However, there was a chance that the sun could come out later in the day and that the rain would have provided just enough moisture for a great day of riding dirtbikes. But! There was risk: What if we do all the work loading up the vehicles, spend the time driving, and we get there only to find a cold, windy, and muddy mess? Well, then I guess we would just come back home? Is that so bad? Its still an adventure! #perspective

We took the risk. Only a few other riders turned out but guess what? The tracked turned out to be epic and the sun even began to show itself in the afternoon. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. The point is (in this case anyway), we weren't risking much loss depending on perspective and we ended up with some great memories to last a lifetime.

Get risky. Embrace the adventure.

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