FLPSDE: The Waste-Reducing Multitasker

8 million tons of plastic is spilled into the oceans each year. Start using a reusable water bottle now!

These days, the importance of sustainability and efficiency are on the rise. While environmentalists search for solutions to plastic overload and global warming, multitasking millennials are looking for ways to simplify their manic lifestyles.

From technology to travel, and everything in between, new gadgets are constantly being introduced but which of them provides a solution to two of today’s greatest needs?

Insert FLPSDE's Dual Chamber Water Bottle; a patent-pending reusable water bottle that holds multiple things and solves multiple problems. The stainless steel, double-sided bottles make reducing plastic waste and consolidating daily essentials easier than ever.

By consolidating both Drink + Snack in one convenient container, FLPSDE's Dual Chamber Water Bottles reduce the amount of baggage we need on-hand while also reducing plastic waste from single-use water bottles, bags and wrappers.

Ideal for athletes, travelers, parents, pet owners, and more, the 20oz outer chamber keeps drinks cold for hours while the 7oz inner chamber keeps snacks, treats, keys, cash - even a GoPro camera - at the ready. As its name reveals, simply flip the bottle 180 degrees to enjoy whichever end you desire.

Tip: With Outer Chamber lid secure, flip and remove FLPSDE's Inner Chamber to use as a 30oz stainless steel cup.

Through innovative products like the Dual Chamber Water Bottle, FLPSDE seeks to inspire each of us to leave the baggage behind and enjoy more adventures!

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