The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads

What to you get the world's coolest dad for Father's Day? If he loves the outdoors - surfing, hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, moto - we've got the only Father's Day gift guide you'll ever need. From apparel to gear, these are the 14 best father's day gifts for an outdoorsy dad.

  1. Sun Shirts

  2. Power Washer

  3. Luxury Camping Chair

  4. Cooler

  5. GoPro

  6. Sunglasses

  7. Backpack

  8. Multi-tool

  9. Portable Fire Pit

  10. Electric Bike

  11. Solar Watch

  12. Sun Hat

  13. Hiking Shoes

  14. FLPSDE

Sun Shirts

Sun shirts are a must for outdoorsy dads. Sunscreen can be a hassle but any guy that spends hours in the sun knows it’s important to avoid sunburn. Several outdoor brands carry sun shirts made for staying cool while also protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays. If your dad loves to spend summer days fishing, hiking, mountain biking, golfing or boating, find his favorite brand and pick up a few stylish sun shirts for an awesome father’s day gift.

Power Washer

If your dad’s favorite activity has him dealing with mud and dirt, chances are he’ll appreciate a power washer for father’s day. Trucks, Jeeps, dirt bikes, side-by-sides, mountain bikes, and boots…these are all perfect examples of difficult-to-clean outdoorsy gear. Power washers save water and cut cleanup time in half, keeping dad’s gear in good shape. This handy father’s day gift is conveniently compact and easy to stow-away in the corner of your garage.

Luxury Camping Chair

Every king needs a thrown and, for the outdoorsy dad, it’s a luxury camping chair. Simple folding chairs will do the job, but these days, outdoor chairs can be as cozy as a recliner and a luxury camping chair makes a great father’s day gift for outdoorsy dads. For sailors and saltwater fisherman, indoor-outdoor bean bag chairs are perfect, while moto dads and surfers might appreciate padded recliner with foot rest or hammock char.

Quality Cooler

If your dad is still using Styrofoam coolers, it’s time for an upgrade. A quality cooler is an awesome father’s day gift for an outdoorsy dad. Depending on his activity of choice, the perfect cooler can be small enough for one or big enough for the family. We love big coolers because they can double as a bench seat! Go for something heavy-duty that will last through all of dad’s awesome excursions.

GoPro Camera

If there was ever a perfect camera for outdoorsy dads, it’s a GoPro. Not only is this a great father’s day gift the entire family can enjoy, but dads love to record their performance whether it’s catching waves or ripping switchbacks. With a killer adventure camera and the right accessories to mount to his board or bike, your dad will love getting a GoPro for father’s day.


Sunglasses are the ultimate cool dad accessory, and quality lenses are a must for anyone who love the outdoors. Oakley, Native, SPY, Ray-Ban, and Maui Jim are all awesome sunglass brands to consider when shopping for your father’s day gift. Scratch proof, polarized lenses are a must for active dads and a strap or leash is a great add on for protecting your investment.

Tactical Backpack

A quality tactical backpack is great gift for any occasion, but especially for father’s day when you're shopping for an outdoorsy dad. Consider the elements and versatility when deciding which backpack to get. We recommend something that is waterproof and lightweight, but comes with enough pockets and straps for latching on tools or gear. For boaters, surfers, sailors and fisherman, a dry-bag backpack might be the right choice for keeping his stuff accessible but protected.

Tactical Multi-Tool

We love consolidating our gear and there’s nothing more handy for the outdoorsy dad than a tactical multi-tool. This must-have item combines every basic tool your dad could need and it’s perfect for keeping in his truck or gear bag. A great multi-tool includes things like like a knife, screwdriver, pliers, scissors, bottle opener, and more.

Portable Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a good bonfire? Since the beginning of time, men have loved building fires, which makes a portable fire pit an epic father’s day gift for outdoorsy dads. Useful in so many ways, a portable fire pit can come in handy for dads who love to grill and chill. Take the fire pit on a camping trip, set up at sunset on the beach, or invite friends over for some good food and hang time; no matter where you go, everyone loves a good bonfire.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes are so handy and if your dad loves the outdoors, this is going to be his favorite father’s day gift. There are a variety of styles to choose from depending on how he’ll want to use his new toy. Some electric bikes are meant for the mountains and off-road trails, while others are built for beach cruising or portability.

Water Resistant Solar Watch

A great watch is a must for any guy, but for outdoorsy dads, a water resistant, solar watch will make a great father’s day gift. A sleek adventure watch will come in handy for any activity, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for durability, low profile, solar-powered watch like a classic Casio. Dad won’t have to worry about replacing the battery, getting dirty, wet or scratched.

Sun Hat

Sun hats are clutch for outdoorsy dads. No matter the activity, a quality hat that looks cool while protecting his head, face and neck will make for an awesome father’s day gift. We love a classic straw hat for beach and boat activities, but dad might also appreciate a quality Melin hat, which is ideal for casual days when he doesn’t want sweat stains to cramp his style.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are essential for any outdoor dad and the right pair will help him perform at his best while saving him days of pain. Quality is important when shopping for versatile hiking shoes. You’ll want something waterproof or water resistant, with great arch and ankle support. The difference between regular tennis shoes and hiking shoes will be the tread, so be sure to get something with grip! Lightweight is also important when picking out hiking shoes for a father’s day gift.

FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle

FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles are the best water bottles for outdoorsy dads. Guys love to keep things simple and definitely don’t like having to pack extra baggage. FLPSDE’s efficient design consolidates dad’s ice-cold water with his favorite munchies so he can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time managing extra stuff. Whether he’s hiking, biking, golfing or boating, dad can easily flip between his go-to summer beverage and snack without skipping a beat.