A Super Fun Way to Wakeboard

How to "Short-Rope" Wakeboard:

We have been "Short-Rope" wakeboarding for years and have recently rediscovered the fun it can provide. Sometimes, we just aren't feeling "real" wakeboarding (long rope and going fast) mostly because of the higher risk involved (faceplants at 22mph nooooooooo!). So, we have found a way to maximize fun with a considerably lower risk. Short-Roping!!

We set the boat speed at 16.4 mph with a rope length of about 40 ft (figure out what length works for you) and no weight in the boat. This creates a "mini-big" wake that is an absolute blast! You may have to do some tweaking to get it right for you and your boat. Once we found the rope length that worked best, we cut it and made our own custom, dedicated Short Rope.

So many tricks are possible with this set up and the best part is; falls don't hurt near as bad! A great way to learn new tricks, work on the basics, and get a good workout. Oh, it also uses way less fuel than "real" wakeboarding so yay for that!!

Check out a quick Short Rope session below:

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