8 Outdoor Activities to Kick Off The Spring Season

The weather is warming up all across the United States and you know what that means: We can finally go outside without the bear-suit! This time of year is so exciting for us at FLPSDE. The idea for our Dual Chamber Water Bottles came out of outdoor activities, and now that spring has sprung, we're back to doing what we love most.

2021 is especially refreshing since so many of the usual winter getaways were on hold. I think we can all breath a great sigh of relief as we break out the camping gear, bikes, and other springtime essentials. So far this year, our team has traveled from the Midwest to the South to the East Coast in pursuit of our favorite outdoor activities to kick off the spring season. From sailing to surfing and motocross to trail hikes, we're beyond grateful for nature and excited move our bodies. Let's cherish it!

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Spring

  1. Motocross

  2. Camping

  3. Kayaking

  4. Paddle Boarding

  5. Trail Walks

  6. Mountain Biking

  7. Bonfires

  8. Surfing

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Spring has always represented new beginnings, rebirth, and life! The snow has melted, the grass is green, flowers and trees are blooming, and wildlife is emerging. Spring 2021 represents a new beginning we've all been craving. A time to get out of the house and breath the fresh air again; to be amongst friends in a joyful environment, and to reengage the senses that have been covered up for too long.

This year, we're all approaching our outdoor activities with new perspective. One that doesn't take the outdoors for granted; one that appreciates experiences that are disconnected from screens and reconnected to the environment. This year, when we go outside to enjoy our favorite springtime activities, we'll be taking deeper breaths of fresh air, tuning into the sounds of vibrant wildlife, and soaking up every ounce of simple joys.

Here's to starting fresh. To exciting adventures in 2021, and reinvigorated spirit and appreciation for the outdoors. Grab your FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle, loaded with your fave drink and snacks, and embrace what the day has to offer. Take a sip, have a snack, and smile big because it's a wonderful world we live in, and we're blessed to be a part of it!