5 Reasons To Love Paddleboards

Who doesn't love multi-purpose adventure gear?! FLPSDE was born out of an idea to #DoMore, which is why we love paddleboards. If you've never tried paddleboarding, here are five reasons to give it a go. If all you've ever done with a paddleboard is paddle, here are four new ideas.

5 Reasons To Love Paddleboards

  1. Access

  2. Relaxation

  3. Fitness

  4. Versatility

  5. Portability

1. Paddleboards give you access to places boats can't.

When you love exploring the outdoors, there's nothing worse than discovering a new trail or waterway without the proper equipment. Boats are great tools for exploring lakes, rivers and oceans, but keelboats can be limited to certain depths, and powerboats or fishing boats can be limited by their size and what's below the surface, like seaweed.

Canal, estuary, stream, creek, cavern, atoll, and caye; these are stunning waterways and natural destinations that are sometimes impossible to reach by boat, but with a problem! The number one reason we love paddleboards is they help us adventure more!

2. Paddleboards are great outlets for calming relaxation and meditation.

Water, in its many forms, is calming. Being near the ocean can instantly dissolve stress and anxiety, and floating often relieves tension or pain in the body. The sound of waves are mimicked in sleeping apps and bedside machines because they lull us into deep rest. This powerful blend makes paddleboarding great for relaxation and meditation.

Make your way out to a calm space of glassy water and drop your anchor. Lay back and run your fingers across the surface. Gaze up at the clouds and birds floating by. Close your eyes and take deep breaths while the sounds of the sea drown out the noise of the day. Sounds magical, doesn't it? If you could use a little unwinding, sign up for a local guided SUP session or SUP Yoga.

3. Paddleboards are amazing for getting in shape!

There are countless ways to use a paddleboard and all of them are great for fitness. Alternating between standing and sitting, paddling slowly and quickly, engaging the abs and stretching the muscles; it's the perfect adventure tool for challenging your balance and core. Because standing on water forces us to engage our body in unexpected ways, paddleboard are helpful for improving strength, focus and agility.

SUP Yoga has been growing in popularity for years because it combines the best of fitness and nature. Paddleboards challenge yogis by adding a new level of difficulty to holding poses and working through flows. Having a great paddleboard is the first step for a successful SUP yoga routine, but even if you're practice focuses more on deep stretching, SUP yoga is amazing for enjoying the outdoors. There's nothing like working your muscles and sweating in the sun, then dipping in cool water. Check your local board shop or yoga studio to see if they offer classes, or start your own!

4. Paddleboards can be used in so many ways.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is amazing for exploring and exercise, and SUP Yoga is the perfect combo of fitness and relaxation, but these are just the tip of the paddleboard iceberg. Maybe you've long-loved traditional surfing and want to give a different style of wave-catching a try, or maybe you're a long-time SUPer and you want a new challenge. Either way, SUP surfing could be an option. Fishing is another awesome activity for paddleboarders. Much like kayakig anglers, paddleboarders can get into the narrow and shallow spots where boats cant. SUP fishing requires some skill, both in core strength and fishing. Make sure you are using a quality board that is sturdy enough for casting and reeling, otherwise you'll be swimming along with your bate.

5. Paddleboards can be easy to pack for road trips.

Inflatable paddleboards are easy to deflate, roll up and toss in the trunk. Solid paddleboards can be as long as 14 feet, but if you're a confident driver, a solid board can be transported on the top or side of you car.

With a paddleboard, traveling options expand. Head to Colorado or Montana and take on some of the world's best MTB trails before gliding across a crystal clear lake. Oklahoma and Texas have some of the country's best spots for a day of moto and SUPing. Arizona is another ideal vacation for adventure diversity; try hiking the Grand Canyon and paddleboarding Horseshoe Bend or Lake Powell.


Paddleboards are, hands-down, one of the best pieces of adventure gear to own. Share your favorite way to use a paddleboard or the best place you've explored by paddleboard!