Food and water are two of our most basic needs for survival, so keeping them together makes total sense! FLPSDE sip and snack water bottles consolidate your essentials so your not just surviving, you're thriving!


Until now, we've only known water bottles and snacks as two separate things. FLPSDE has created an entirely new design so you no longer have to look at your water bottle as just that...a bottle for water. Our sip and snack water bottle creates space for the other thing you always need, food! So while you'e sipping on refreshingly cool water, you can also snack on immune-boosting blueberries, or energy-packed peanuts!

FLPSDE creates products that solve problems, which is exactly what our Water Bottles with Snack Storage do. FLPSDE allows you to leave the extra baggage at home while eliminating single-use plastic waste. Simply fill both ends of your FLSPDE sip and snack water bottle, and go! 

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