A Creative Way To Say, "Welcome" or "Thank You!"

Showing appreciation and recognition are two key ways to boost employee morale, and simple gestures can go a long way. This year when you're planning to welcome a new colleague, or do something special for an employee, consider gifting a conversation starter. FLPSDE Water Bottles with Snack Storage stand apart from traditional corporate gifts like paperweights and personalized pens. This fun employee gift can be used at home and in the office, on work trips or company events. Plus, while they're sipping and snacking from their newest accessory, you'll both enjoy knowing that you're supporting a small, independently-owned business that is creating innovative products to make the world more fun and sustainable.


Custom Corporate Gifts

As holidays and anniversaries come around each year, corporate gifting is an important opportunity to build relationships with your clients and partners. Your office has likely been flooded with catalogs and fliers filled with creative chocolate arrangements, honey hams and shelf ornaments, but it's important to remember that a gift isn't just a gesture, it's a representation of your brand's thoughtfulness. Will you go with the usual or aim for something fresh that says, "We like to think outside the box." Or, "Join us in supporting small-businesses." Also, "Let's be more sustainable together!"

Staying Connected While Working Remote

Recent events have changed the way many businesses operate, and as a manager or team leader, it is your job to make sure your staff don't lose connection while working from home. Sending a personalized FLPSDE water bottle along with their favorite snack is a charming way to let your colleagues know you're thinking of them.